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Adam Young is one of the main characters in Amazon series Good Omens. He is the leader of the Them, dog-owner, and kid. He finds himself at the centre of events at the Apocalypse and draws the attention of all sides as creation hurtles towards its final battle.


Adam is the true Antichrist and son of Satan who was misplaced at birth thanks to a mix-up by the demon Crowley and the Chattering Nuns of St Beryls and instead of being raised by the American Dowling Family was given to the Young Family and raised in Tadfield.

Significance in series[]

"In the Beginning"[]

Even before Adam came into his true powers, he was able to slightly influence the weather in Tadfield to make it exactly perfect for each time of year. He befriends Pepper, Brian, and Wensleydale who call themselves 'the Them' and make Adam their leader as he had the biggest imagination and made the best games.

On Adam's eleventh birthday, Hell sends a Hellhound as a gift to the Antichrist - who they believed to be Warlock Dowling - and the Hellhound tracked down Adam playing in the woods with his friends. Adam stated that he wanted a dog for his birthday and paused to think of a name - the naming of the Hellhound listening nearby would decide its destiny and begin the end of the world - before deciding he wanted a small dog and would just name it 'Dog'. The Hellhound transformed into a Jack Russell Terrier and went to join Adam and became his pet allowing Adam full access to his powers.

"The Book"[]

A few days later, Pepper mentioned the witch who had moved into a cottage nearby and the Them played a Witch hunter game where they met Anathema Device and befriended her.

"Hard Times"[]

Anathema gives Adam magazines and tells him many conspiracy theories. She is unable to read Adam's aura - because it is spread all over England and is therefore too big for her to see. As Adam sleeps, he hears voices in his head and unknowingly uses his powers to summon the Kraken, bring back the lost city of Atlantis, and turn a nuclear reactor into a sherbet sweet amongst other things.

"Saturday Morning Funtime"[]

Adam's power also means that he created Aliens and Tibetans who dug tunnels, the latter of which cause Newton's car to crash. Adam and the Them bring an injured Newton to Anathema's house where Adam sees several images of the Beast. He tells his friends they aren't allowed to leave his sight but ends up letting them go. He materialises in front of them with Dog later,stating that he didn't think the world was very good and wanted to end it and would appoint one of the Them to rule a continent in the world. When his friends refuse, Adam uses his powers to stop them leaving. He removes their mouths and forces them to smile when they start crying.

"The Doomsday Option"[]

Eventually Adam lets the Them go and even Dog does not want to join him. Adam asks them to come back but they tell him he is not their friend anymore and run off. Adam flies up into the sky screaming and falling to the ground passing out for a few seconds. He decides not to destroy the world after all and goes with the Them to Tadfield Airfield to stop the Four Horsemen. War tries to convince him it is his destiny to end the world but Adam refuses. He returns Aziraphale to his true body and tells the Them to truly believe they can kill the Horsemen which meant that they can. Death departed instead of being killed, however.

"The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives"[]

Beelzebub and Gabriel arrive and tries to convince Adam to start the war to end the world but Adam refuses. His disobedience causes his biological father, Satan, to rise up but Crowley transports him and Aziraphale outside of time. Crowley tells Adam that whilst he cannot fight Satan he can bend reality with his powers.

Adam states that Satan is not his real father, making it true, and Satan disappears. Adam returns to his life in Tadfield as an ordinary boy though he still maintains some of his abilities such as withering a bush to allow Dog to escape so he can chase after him and escape his grounding.


Adam is, in Aziraphale's words, 'human incarnate'. He is a friendly young boy. He is somewhat confident and a bit bossy as the leader of the Them, but is also shown to be very caring to his friends and other people he meets such as Anathema. He is shown to be a bit naive, as he believes everything he reads in the magazines that Anathema gives him and initially believes that Armageddon is the only way to undo all the damage that has been done to the Earth and make things right. However, this can be attributed to his age.

Adam is also quite brave, as are his friends, as he unwaveringly refuses to kick-start the End of the World even when Gabriel and Beelzebub are trying to push him to do it. He also unflinchingly disinherits his biological father, Satan, who he says was 'never there'. Adam's caring nature extends to his unknowingly using his powers to do good, such as restoring the rain forests, getting rid of a nuclear reactor (although power is still produced), and summoning the Kraken so that it would target whaling ships and protect whales. Adam has a vivid imagination that he uses to come up with the best games, which is why he is the leader of the Them.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the son of Satan, Adam possesses a great degree of supernatural powers he has inherited from his father. So far, His powers include:

Reality-Warping: Adam has the power to alter reality by his will alone. The extent of potential in this power is unknown.


"You're not my dad! You never were." - to Satan in "The Very Last Days of the Rest of Their Lives"

Notes and trivia[]

  • Adam was given a Hellhound to rule by his side. He did not want a big dog, so the Hellhound made itself a smaller dog and ran down into the Them's play ditch. Adam named the Hellhound "Dog" because it was a simple name.