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Many people, meeting Aziraphale for the first time, formed three impressions: that he was English, that he was intelligent, and that he was gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide.

–Page 165, Good Omens (novel)

Aziraphale is one of the main characters in Amazon series Good Omens. He is an angel who doubles as a rare book dealer.


Aziraphale seeks to prevent the apocalypse because he has grown to like humans and enjoy his life on Earth. There are restaurants on here, for a start. Furthermore, he does not find the idea of listening to The Sound of Music for eternity very appealing. He is Crowley’s best friend and soulmate (platonic and/or romantic).

Significance in series

"In the Beginning"

Aziraphale was sent to guard the Garden of Eden with a flaming sword. When Adam and Eve were thrown out of Eden, Aziraphale gave them his sword. As he watched the two depart into the wilderness, he was joined by Crowley - then Crawley - who had transformed himself into a snake to tempt Adam and Eve. The pair wondered whether they had done the right thing - giving up the sword - and the wrong thing - tempting Adam and Eve - respectively. Crawley reassured Aziraphale for giving Adam his flaming sword by stating that as an angel, Aziraphale might not be able to actually do anything bad, and they watched Adam use it to fend off a lion. Aziraphale sheltered Crawley with his wing from the rain, beginning a 6000 year old friendship between the two.

Eleven years before the end of the world, Aziraphale goes to a sushi bar where he discovers from Gabriel that Crowley has delivered the Antichrist to an American diplomat's family. Crowley later calls Aziraphale and tries to persuade him that they should try and stop the end of the world from happening by influencing the Antichrist (named Warlock). Though initially against the idea of disobeying Heaven's orders, Aziraphale agrees to help neutralize good and evil in Warlock so he would grow up normal and not end the world. Aziraphale becomes a gardener named Brother Francis at the estate and teaches Warlock only good things whilst Crowley poses as a nanny, Nanny Ashtoreth, who teaches him only bad things.

On Warlock's eleventh birthday, Aziraphale puts on a magic show at the party whilst he and Crowley wait for the appearance of the Hellhound, hoping Warlock would turn the dog away and avert the Apocalypse. The Hellhound never shows up, however, revealing that Warlock was not the Antichrist, who was misplaced at birth thanks to a mixup by the nuns at St Beryl's. Aziraphale lies to Heaven to cover this up and begins working with Crowley to find the misplaced Antichrist.

"The Book"

Aziraphale and Crowley go to St Beryl's to find records of the Antichrist's birth only to discover it has been turned into a paintball facility. As a joke, Crowley turns all the guns into real ones but makes sure no one actually gets hurt. When Aziraphale calls him “nice”, Crowley angrily slams him into a wall insisting to the contrary. After recognizing the owner of the facility as the nun he gave the Antichrist to, Crowley uses hypnosis on her and she reveals Hastur burned down the nunnery eleven years ago, destroying the records of the delivery.

On the way back to London, Crowley's car hits Anathema Device who was cycling past; Aziraphale heals her and fixes her bike, convincing Crowley to give her a lift home. Anathema accidentally leaves her copy of The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter behind in the car, which Aziraphale finds and uses to track down Adam Young, the real Antichrist, in Tadsfield.

"Hard Times"

3004 Mesopotamia

The pair met again just before the Flood when the animals were boarding the ark. Aziraphale told Crawly about the imminent event to which the demon replied it seemed something Hell was more likely to do. Aziraphale seemed visibly uncomfortable with the approaching extinction of humanity but was optimistic at the new concept of a rainbow.

Golgotha, 33 AD

Aziraphale was present at Jesus' crucifixion where he again ran into Crawly, who had now changed his name to Crowley.

Rome, 41 AD

8 years later in Rome, the pair met at a tavern where they discussed oysters.

Wessex, 537 AD

Aziraphale later became a knight in King Arthur's court and went out to confront the Black Knight - who turned out to be Crowley causing chaos which was neutralized by Aziraphale being good. He is initially put off by the demon's suggestion that they could do nothing and achieve the same result as they were doing now.

Globe Theater, London, 1601

By the time of Shakespeare, the angel and the demon had come to an arrangement - when two of them needed to go to the same place, only one of them would go and do both blessings and curses. Aziraphale responded enthusiastically to the staging of Shakespeare's Hamlet that otherwise seemed destined to be a flop until Crowley eventually cast a miracle so that it would be a success.

Paris, 1793

During the 1700s, Aziraphale started a bookshop. In 1793, he also decided to pop over to France for some crepes but was mistaken for an aristocrat and almost guillotined before he was rescued by Crowley.

St. James Park, 1862

In 1862, Aziraphale refused to provide Crowley with holy water believing the demon needed it as a 'suicide pill' if Hell found out about their deal.

London, 1941

In 1941, Aziraphale teamed up with who he thought was British Intelligence to break up a Nazi spy ring in Blitz Era London, this turned out to be a trap set by Nazi spies to claim valuable prophecy books though Aziraphale had been unable to find The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter. The British Intelligence officer turned out to be a Nazi spy as well and Aziraphale was almost discorporated before Crowley stepped in using a miracle to aim a Nazi bomb at the church they were in killing the three spies but sparing him and Aziraphale. Aziraphale was dismayed at the loss of his precious books but Crowley used another miracle to save them which touched Aziraphale deeply.

Soho, 1967

In 1967, Aziraphale discovered Crowley was planning to rob a church to get Holy Water after Aziraphale had refused to give him any. Worried Crowley would get hurt, Aziraphale gave him Holy Water in a thermos and suggested that in the future they go on a picnic or have lunch at the Ritz.

The Present Day, One Day to the End of the World

Aziraphale went to Heaven and posed a "hypothetical" of a missing Antichrist only for Gabriel to say that no matter what, the Apocalypse was going to happen. Aziraphale again tried to persuade Gabriel that a war didn't need to happen but was quickly dismissed. Due to his strange behaviour, Michael investigated and discovered that Aziraphale and Crowley had been working together.

"Saturday Morning Funtime"

Crowley tries once more to convince Aziraphale to join him but after the angel snubs him Crowley yells at him and drives home angrily. Aziraphale sends Witchfinder Shadwell to track Adam Young. Aziraphale is accosted by Uriel and Michael, who eventually depart. Aziraphale calls Crowley to tell him that he has found the Antichrist but the demon hangs up on him immediately due to his own problem. Aziraphale tries contacting God to try and convince Her to stop the Apocalypse but instead reaches Metatron. His conversation is overheard by Shadwell. He believes Aziraphale is a demon and accidentally pushes him into an incomplete transportation circle, discorporating Aziraphale from his body. Shadwell leaves in a hurry and misses a candle falling, which then sets fire the bookshop on fire.

"The Doomsday Option"

Aziraphale manages to transport his disincorporated self from heaven back to Earth where he finds a drunk Crowley grieving his "death". He is incredibly saddened to hear that his bookshop was destroyed but Crowley reveals he saved Agnes Nutter's book which has Aziraphale's notes on Adam Young. Aziraphale leaves to find a body to host him, landing in Madame Tracy during one of her seances.

"The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives"

In Madame Tracy's body he travels with her and Shadwell to Tadfields airfield where they are joined by Crowley in his burning Bentley. The four watch as Adam and the Them cycle into the airfield before Crowley's car explodes. Aziraphale notices a soldier pointing a gun at them and tries to get Crowley to deal with him because he is "the nice one". However, Crowley is busy "having a moment" over the loss of his car so Aziraphale makes the soldier disappear by using a miracle, hoping he hasn't sent him anywhere too nasty.

Inside the airfield, they, along with Anathema and Newton, arrive to stop the end of the world. Aziraphale takes Shadwell's weapon to kill Adam but Madame Tracy intervenes, preventing him from succeeding. Adam separates the two by giving Aziraphale a body that looks exactly like his old one. Aziraphale and the others witness the Them defeat the Four Horsemen with Aziraphale's flaming sword - with the exception of Death - and Crowley returns The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch to Anathema. A piece of burned paper flies from the book which Aziraphale grabs. The prophecy states that they will face fire and need to choose their faces wisely.

Beelzebub and Gabriel arrive, still wanting the war against Heaven and Hell to go ahead and try to force Adam to start the Apocalypse. Aziraphale then intervenes, stating that if God's plan was truly "ineffable", as it was so thought, then they can't really know that the war is what God actually wants. Crowley backs this up and Beelzebub and Gabriel depart angrily, but satisfied that they know who to blame and that Adam's father will hear about this.

As soon as they disappear, Aziraphale watches as Crowley collapses in pain due to Satan himself rising up and being incredibly angry. Aziraphale tries to motivate Crowley not to give up threatening to never speak to him again if he doesn't do something. Crowley stops time, transporting himself, Aziraphale and Adam to a desert where the angel and demon's wings are visible and they have their personal tools, Aziraphale's Flaming Sword and Crowley's hand crank. The two tell Adam about his real father and that Adam will need to do something before restarting time and they watch as Adam faces Satan, stating that he is not his real father and never had been, causing the Devil to vanish.

Aziraphale shows Crowley the prophecy that he had caught as the two boarded a bus back to London. At some point the pair switch bodies. Aziraphale, as Crowley, goes to Crowley's apartment and discovers that Adam had reset reality meaning the demon's Bentley is intact before he meets up with Crowley, who looks like him, in the park. Aziraphale discovers that his bookshop is also restored and buys the pair ice creams before the angels abduct Crowley - whom they think is Aziraphale. Aziraphale chases after them but is knocked to the ground by Hastur and taken prisoner to Hell where he is tried - as Crowley - and sentenced to execution by Holy Water brought by Michael.

The Holy Water of course does not harm Aziraphale and he asks for a rubber duck. Still in the guise as Crowley, he suggests that Hell leave him alone and asks Michael to miracle him a towel when the angel returns.

Aziraphale and Crowley switch back their appearances in the park with the latter suggesting that this Apocalypse is just the precursor for a bigger battle; Humanity vs Heaven and Hell. The angel seems disconcerted by the idea but brushes it off before the pair go to the Ritz for lunch where a table for two had 'miraculously' become free. Aziraphale suggests that Crowley is at least a little bit of a good person to which the demon naturally responds that Aziraphale is at least a little bit of a bastard and that's why they are friends. The two toast 'to the world' and have lunch.

The Arrival

Before the Fall, Aziraphale was flying in the darkness of the as-yet-unfinished Universe when he was halted by Crowley (then an Angel). He happily greeted Crowley who is in the middle of activating a new nebula he had designed and helped him when asked. Aziraphale was very impressed with the nebula and asks what it did.

He also introduced himself by name but Crowley didn't reveal his own.

When Crowley explained how the nebula would produce stars over millions of years, Aziraphale tentatively informed him that Earth would only be around for around 6000 years. He talked about the humans Heaven was designing and how they can look at it. He nervously listened as Crowley started loudly questioning the Great Plan and told him to be careful.

Stars started crashing around them as Crowley sheltered him with his wing - something Aziraphale would do for him in return on the Walls of Eden.

Four years after the failed Apocalypse, Aziraphale is still living in his bookshop. After receiving a note, he visits the record shop "The Small Back Room" of his tenant Maggie. He waves Maggie’s rent in exchange for some old records.

Aziraphale is shocked when Gabriel suddenly turns up on his doorstep completely naked, carrying a box, and with none of his memories. Aziraphale eventually lets him inside to get him away from the crowd of humans.

He gives Gabriel a blanket and a hot chocolate and the archangel tells him he has no idea who he is or what he’s doing at the Bookshop but he was certain he had to come to it. He asks Aziraphale if he understands the feeling of knowing everything would be better if you were with just near one particular person. Aziraphale briefly smiles at this but then hastily denies it.

To help hide Gabriel, he gives him the nickname “Jim” and tells him to help tidy the bookshop. He tried looking inside the cardboard box Gabriel brought with him but was unable to see anything inside it.

He calls Crowley for help and meets him at Nina’s coffee shop "Give Me Coffee Or Give Me Death". Before he can explain, Nina mentions his “naked man friend” to which Crowley raises an eyebrow at. Aziraphale takes Crowley into his bookshop where a horrified Crowley finally sees “Jim”.

Aziraphale resolves to help Gabriel since he knew the archangel had no friends. He and Crowley argue about this before the demon angrily tells that Aziraphale was on his own with this one and storms out.

Crowley later returns after finding out how much danger Aziraphale is in. Aziraphale pretends to ignore him and demands a proper apology “with the little dance”. He lists off all the times he had done the dance and Crowley finally caves to sing “You Were Right”. Aziraphale is very pleased with this and happily welcomes Crowley back.

Together, they both cast half of a tiny miracle to conceal Gabriel from Heaven and Hell. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to them, they accidentally just created a massive 25 Lazarii miracle that sent red alerts ringing throughout Heaven.

The Clue

In 2500 BC, Aziraphale arrived in Heavenly Light to stop a demon from destroying the goats of God’s favourite human, Job. He was surprised to find it was Crowley who he hadn't seen since the Ark. Aziraphale warned him not to harm anything belonging to Job but Crowley revealed an extremely long contract which is revealed to be his permit from God.

As part of a test of Job’s faith in God, Crowley had been ordered to destroy Job’s goats, his crops, his house, his farm and to kill his three children. Aziraphale was horrified but didn't believe Crowley would actually do it. In response, Crowley blasted fire at the goats and reminded Aziraphale that Heaven and God were allowing him to do this.

Aziraphale took the permit to the angel Muriel to be looked over. They assured him that it was all legit. After mentioning that God allowed Hell to kill Job's children, Aziraphale took this to a few archangels. Gabriel and Michael confirmed that this has all been arranged by God. Satan said that Job only loved God so much because God had been so nice to him so She agreed to test his faith by taking everything he loved away. The angels dismissively stated that all of Job’s things would be replaced twice over. They also stated there is no intention of returning Job’s original three children to life and he and his wife would be blessed with seven new ones.

Aziraphale protested this since Job’s wife was in her fifties and they loved their current three children, but the unworldly archangels were unsympathetic. Aziraphale rushed back to earth where he found Crowley about to go and kill Job’s children. The demon reminded Aziraphale that Heaven and God were approving and encouraging him to do this. Although he kept up a front, Aziraphale quickly realized something was amiss when a nearby crow bleated. He waved his hand and the crows gathered in the courtyard all turn back into the goats Crowley had supposedly killed.

Aziraphale was thrilled that Crowley wasn't evil. Crowley pointed out Heaven still wanted him to kill Job’s children. They met the three children and were put off by how rude the older two were. Aziraphale tried to loudly warn them about a demon coming to kill them but the older two children arrogantly assumed they were fine. Crowley set the house on fire and transported them into the basement. He turned all three children into lizards.

As the storm approached, Aziraphale and Crowley stayed in the basement. He was shocked by Crowley drinking human wine as it caused drunkeness. Crowley offered him some and he turned him down, gagging. He was then tempted into trying human food for the first time.

Although skeptical since angels didn't need to eat and considered human food gross, Aziraphale immediately loved the food and practically couldn't stop eating. He questioned Crowley, assuming he was actually good and was baffled by Crowley stating he was on his own side. Aziraphale said that sounded lonely but the demon denied it.

Later, Aziraphale and Crowley witnessed Job speaking directly to God. Aziraphale assured Crowley that God was probably just talking AT Job but the demon was wistful at the idea of being even in the position to ask questions. He then went to Job’s house where Gabriel and the other high ranking angels were telling Job that he had passed. When the angels were still unsympathetic about Job’s three children, Aziraphale secretly helped a disguised Crowley trick Heaven by undoing the disguise on the lizards.

He then lied to Gabriel that these were three brand new children.

Aziraphale felt terrible afterwards and went to sit by the River. When Crowley arrived, he assumed he would be dragged to Hell since he had lied to Heaven and gone against the Great Plan. He thought he had Fallen - a thought which terrified him. Crowley laughed and reassured him he was still an Angel and to just do what he did - go with Heaven up to a point and be on his own side. The demon admitted it was lonely. Aziraphale recalled his earlier denial but - referring back to something Aziraphale had said himself - Crowley replied “I’m a demon. I lied.”

The two sat and stared at the water together.

In the present day, Aziraphale is still looking after “Jim” in his bookshop. He becomes slightly exasperated by Gabriel shelving books by the first letter of the first sentence but gives up trying to stop him. He tells Gabriel to make a noise when he moves around so he didn’t startle him by suddenly appearing. Gabriel obliges by making weird noises that annoy Aziraphale but the Angel is quickly intrigued when Gabriel starts singing a human song.

Aziraphale goes to Maggie’s record shop and asks her what the song was. She tells him that it is "Everyday (It’s a Gettin’ Closer)” by Buddy Holly. She also starts crying and reveals that she is in love with Nina but Nina already has a partner and she’d made an ass of herself when they were trapped in the coffee shop together. Aziraphale was sympathetic to this. Maggie reveals she has tons of copies of the song because a pub in Edinburgh has a jukebox that magically turns every record into the song after an indefinite period of time.

Aziraphale realizes this could be a clue and takes one of the many records before he hears a Heavenly fanfare. He senses the arrival of high ranking angels on earth and races back to the bookshop. He tries to stop Michael, Uriel, and Saraqael from entering but Gabriel loudly steps out to greet them. The archangels come inside and Saraqael tells him that there had been a 25 Lazarii miracle that was supposedly cast in his very bookshop. Put on the spot, Aziraphale lies that he had used the miracle to make Nina fall in love with Maggie. Due to the miracle, the three archangels are unable to recognize Gabriel despite “Jim’s” eccentric behaviour. Saraqael says that they would send someone to confirm the miracle.

Aziraphale hastily arranges to meet Crowley at the pub "The Dirty Donkey". Whilst Crowley orders drinks, Aziraphale is confronted by Mr Brown who pressures him into hosting the Shopkeepers and Street Traders Association at his bookshop.

Aziraphale explains that he had lied to Heaven about making Maggie and Nina fall in love and they will now have to match-make the pair. Aziraphale is a little doubtful of Crowley’s idea but quickly seizes on the idea of using Jane Austen novels as a reference point. This confused Crowley who had known Jane Austen as a smuggler and bank heist mastermind but not as an author.

Aziraphale tells Crowley about the clue he had found. They go to the bookshop where Aziraphale tries to get Gabriel to remember where he had heard the song. However, even with Crowley threatening him, Gabriel is only able to briefly recall hearing all the angels singing for the first time.

Aziraphale then tells Crowley about the pub in Edinburgh and his intention to drive there in the Bentley. He refers to the Bentley as “[their] car” the same way the bookshop is “[theirs]” too. He tells Crowley he will have to look after “Jim” while he is gone.

I Know Where I’m Going

In Victorian Era Scotland, Aziraphale wrote in his journal about Crowley inviting him to a graveyard at midnight. Crowley showed him a very lifelike statue of Gabriel he had found for their amusement. Aziraphale wondered if Gabriel knew about it.

Whilst staring, the pair discovered Elspeth body-snatching in a nearby grave. Aziraphale was horrified, declaring the action to be sinful and that Elspeth would go to Hell. He tried to stop her but Crowley was delighted and adopted a Scottish accent to begin helping Elspeth loot the corpse.

On the way to a nearby surgeon, Aziraphale continued to protest the crime insisting that those in poverty were actually lucky since they had more opportunities to be tested and choose being virtuous. He was unable to recognize how poverty would force people to do otherwise unspeakable things in order to survive.

At the surgeon’s, Aziraphale made the body quickly rot to bones so it was unusable. Elspeth angrily knew he had done something and stormed out. Aziraphale convinced Crowley to use his time abilities to convince the surgeon to have a drink with them while talking about his work.

Aziraphale tried to convince him that paying poor people to snatch bodies was wrong but the surgeon argued back. He pointed out that people were dying and only murder victims were donated to be examined. Without examining human bodies, they couldn’t learn how to cure diseases. He showed Aziraphale a tumour in a jar he had removed from a seven year old boy. This revelation jarred Aziraphale a lot and he immediately changed his stance after realizing the good that could be done from body snatching.

He and Crowley went to help Elspeth and her fried Wee Morag dig up a new corpse. Whilst standing watch, Aziraphale noted a grave gun on a rich man’s grave. Crowley reminded him that the rich got it easy but the poor were left to struggle. Wee Morag was then shot by the grave gun alerting the grave diggers. Aziraphale helped carry into a nearby crypt but she died before he could save her.

When Elspeth immediately decided to donate Wee Morag’s body to the surgeon he reverted to being appalled and Crowley remarked that it was harder when it was someone you knew. Aziraphale kept quiet this time.

He tried to convince Elspeth not to kill herself with laudanum but in the end Crowley drank the whole thing. Since it couldn’t kill Crowley, he began to act extremely erratically as if drunk or high. Aziraphale watched his behaviour in bewilderment as Crowley proceeded to spin around, sing - possibly inventing “O Flower of Scotland” - shrink to a tiny size and then grow into a giant that burst through the crypt’s roof. Crowley told Aziraphale to give Elspeth all his money so Elspeth could buy a farm and not get shot by a grave gun.

Aziraphale did so and helped a staggering normal sized Crowley walk down the road. He told Crowley how kind he had been but worried that Hell could have noticed. Crowley insisted he was just too off his face on laudanum and was then sucked through the ground back to Hell.

Aziraphale wrote that he wouldn’t see Crowley for a while after that.

In the present day, Aziraphale answers his door to find Muriel - a young, naïve, unworldly angel - badly disguised as a police Inspector called “Inspector Constable”. He immediately realizes they are here to probe about the miracle and offers them a cup of tea. He doesn't call them out on their disguise, but is amused by their bad attempts to fit in.

Crowley arrives to drop off his houseplants, having agreed to let Aziraphale use the Bentley. The demon finds Muriel’s disguise equally as funny and easily tricks the angel into revealing themselves and letting him and Aziraphale talk alone. Aziraphale then takes the Bentley to Edinburgh while Crowley is left to look after his shop and Jim, keep an eye on Muriel, and make sure that Nina and Maggie get together.

Aziraphale cheerfully drives the Bentley, managing to convince it to not change his music to Queen songs, transforming it yellow and eating snacks. Crowley senses this and demands he change it back through the car radio, threatening to sell or give away Aziraphale’s books if he doesn't. Aziraphale reluctantly does so and arrives at the pub “The Resurrectionists” which had been named after the surgeon he and Crowley had met in Scotland during the Victorian times.

Inside, he poses as a journalist and asks the bartender about the jukebox. He shows him a portrait he had drawn of Gabriel and the bartender immediately recognizes him. He also says that Gabriel had been with someone when he visited the pub and had assumed they were both masons.

He goes back to the graveyard where Gabriel’s statue still is and borrows a cracked mobile phone from a passing man. He made it call his bookshop where Crowley answers, telling any potential customers they don't have the books they want. He is very pleased when Crowley tells him “good job”. He tells Crowley about the pub and how the surgeon they met lost his job and killed himself but has a pub named after him. He also updates the demon on the fact Gabriel has been with someone before Crowley hangs up to in order to help push Nina and Maggie together.

Aziraphale returns the phone to the man, fixing the cracked screen.

The Hitchhiker

In 1944, just after being saved by Crowley from the Nazi spies, Crowley drove Aziraphale home through the blitzed London. He thanked Crowley again for saving him and asked if there was anything he could do in return.

Crowley took a quick stop at a West End theatre to drop off some black market booze but the bottles had smashed due to the bomb going off in the church. When Aziraphale heard that the magician for that night was unavailable he jumped at the chance to take his spot.

Aziraphale showed Crowley some close up magic but the demon suggested he buy some tricks from a local magic shop to improve his act. Aziraphale clumsily knocked over a few things in the shop but eventually settled on the “Catching the Bullet in the Mouth” trick. The shopkeeper was very reluctant to sell it since the trick had killed people before but was eventually swayed. He told Aziraphale he was need someone he trusted 100% completely to pull off the trick.

Aziraphale immediately turned to Crowley who reluctantly agreed on the condition they use miracles to make sure nothing went wrong and no one was accidentally discorporated. At the show, Aziraphale nervously went up on stage to begin his act. He called Crowley up to the stage. He had planned to use a miracle for his first trick of transforming a swede but found that his miracles did not work. (Unbeknownst to him and Crowley they had been followed by the reanimated corpses of the three Nazi spies who had been recruited by the demon Furfur to spy on them. He had grown suspicious about Crowley and Aziraphale working together and cast a miracle blocker on the whole theater).

Aziraphale brought Crowley up to perform the trick. Since the demon’s miracles weren’t working either, they were forced to do the trick for real. Aziraphale was stunned that Crowley had never held a gun before but put his trust in him. Crowley successfully fired just past Aziraphale and the angel popped the trick bullet out of his mouth. The trick was received with thunderous applause.

A delighted Aziraphale celebrated backstage with Crowley but they were interrupted by the three Nazi zombies and Furfur. He irritably corrected Furfur’s many incorrect attempts at pronouncing his name. Furfur revealed a photograph he had taken of the pair and since the trick required 100% trust he had all the proof he needed to ensure Crowley would be severely punished by the Dark Council. Aziraphale successfully used sleight of hand to swap the photo for a flyer from the theatre.

He revealed this to Crowley over drinks in his bookshop. Although he was unsuccessful in redoing the sleight of hand trick he pointed out he’d managed to do it when it counted. Still, he agreed to retire the magic for the time being.

He and Crowley toasted to “shades of gray”, although Aziraphale insisted on very light shades of gray and Crowley on rather dark shades.

In the present day, on the way back from Edinburgh, Aziraphale drives past a woman hitchhiking. Although he tries to avoid her, she appears twice more in front of him which unnerves Aziraphale enough to help her. As soon as she sits in the car and he drives off, the woman reveals herself to be Shax, Hell’s new representative on earth to replace Crowley. She tries to pry the information of Gabriel’s location out of Aziraphale. She tanuts him with a comment about how she’d heard that he and Crowley were “an item” about 80 to 90 years ago but she hadn’t believed it since Aziraphale didn’t seem Crowley’s type.

She says Aziraphale has already told her where Gabriel was. Aziraphale reacts with dismay, demanding to know how but Shax replies that he hadn’t then but his reaction has now.

Aziraphale arrives back in Soho, parking outside Nina’s coffee shop. The Bentley, which likes Aziraphale, continues to follow him until he ordered her to go back to where he parked her. Crowley exits the bookshop with his houseplants and tells Aziraphale that he’d failed at getting Maggie and Nina together so it is his turn.

Aziraphale resolves to use the Shopkeeper’s Association Meeting as a chance to get them together.

The Ball

Aziraphale goes round to all the local shopkeepers to confirm their attendance to the meeting. Although most of them refuse, he is able to convince them by promising to give them or lend them rare books from his shop (much to Crowley’s shock) including; an unprinted 1965 Doctor Who Annual and a First Edition copy of “Expert at the Card Table” that is signed and annotated by the author.

He speaks Mandarin and French to two other local shopkeepers to convince them to attend. He tells Crowley that although demons and angels know every language, he had decided to learn French the hard way and even though his sentences don't make sense, Crowley understood him. Nina immediately agrees to attend if they can discuss the Christmas lights which bothered her.

He later joins Crowley at a wine bar where he tells Crowley to go talk to “Jim” - he’d told him bookshops are closed on Wednesdays so as to keep him in his room.

After getting everyone’s attendance confirmed, Aziraphale begins transforming the bookshop in preparation to turn the Meeting into an Austen style Ball. He gets Crowley to go and fetch Maggie and Nina. Aziraphale casts a spell on the shop so that everyone starts speaking and acting like they were in an Austen novel without realizing anything is amiss, as well as making them wear better clothes upon entering the bookshop.

Although Nina is very wary of this when she enterd, Aziraphale watches with delight when Maggie and Nina go to dance together. Crowley suddenly bursts inside to tell him something but Aziraphale hands him a plate of hors d’oeurves and goes to keep an eye on things.

When Crowley tries to approach him again, Azirphale insists he tells him while they dance. He then drags Crowley over to dance with him. Crowley warns him that Shax and a hoard of low-level demons have surrounded the bookshop but Aziraphale remains calm. Since his bookshop still counts as one of Heaven’s Embassies the demons won't be able to get in. He also refuses to hand over “Jim”.

Crowley is finally able to point to the demons outside the door which did startle Aziraphale before a brick smashed the window with “Surrender the Angle” written on it. Aziraphale warns the demons to back off since they can't enter but Shax refuses.

”Jim” realized that it is all because of him that the demons had gathered. Aziraphale promises to help him but “Jim” decides to surrender himself. Unfortunately, because of how strong the miracle on Gabriel is, none of the demons could recognize him and they return to attack the bookshop.

Whilst Crowley escorts the humans away from the bookshop, Nina and Maggie choose to remain behind with Aziraphale. He tries to make Maggie and Nina forget about it but his miracles don't work. He sets about trying to fortify his bookshop from the attack.

Every Day

Aziraphale sets up a transportation circle as a defense. After Maggie accidentally gives the demons permission to enter the shop, the circle begins discorporating the demons like it had done to Aziraphale when Shadwell unintentionally forced him inside it.

He hurries "Jim", Maggie and Nina upstairs where he gives them fire extinguishers since they have been added after his shop burned down. Nina and Maggie use the extinguishers to fend off the demons trying to climb the stairs and Aziraphale reluctantly gives them permission to throw encyclopedias at the demons. When they run out, Aziraphale realized they are out of options.

Knowing that this technique is banned since it can be considered declaring war on Hell, Aziraphale removes his halo and threw it at the demons. The resulting explosion discorprated all the demons except for Shax who is knocked unconscious.

Nina and Maggie demand to know what happened whilst Aziraphale nervously worries he may have started a war.

Crowley arrives with Michael, Uriel, Saraqael, and Muriel as Dagon, Furfur and Beelzebub rise up into the bookshop. Crowley quickly tries to diffuse the situation and Aziraphale gives him Gabriel’s cardboard box. They got rid of the things in the box which Aziraphale had put inside by turning the box over. It reveals the message "I am in the Fly"..

Aziraphale reacts with surprise when Gabriel recovers his memories and he and Beelzebub reveal they had fallen in love with each other and chosen each other over Heaven and Hell.

Crowley escorts Nina and Maggie outside. Whilst the angels and demons argue about what to do with Gabriel and Beelzebub, Aziraphale angrily rings a bell and orders them to speak one at a time. The demons and angels bicker over who would get to punish Gabriel and Beelzebub. Aziraphale asks the archangel and Prince of Hell what they want. Both of them decid to run off with each other. The two sing their song “Everyday” before disappearing. Aziraphale seems to find their romance sweet.

The Metatron suddenly arrives and dismisses the other angels. He gives Aziraphale a coffee and asks to speak with him. Aziraphale tentatively follows him to the nearby wine bar.

The Metatron tells Aziraphale that since Gabriel hadn’t worked out as the First Principality of Heaven, there is a space available. He suggests that Aziraphale would be perfect for the job. Aziraphale is hesitant at first but then the Metatron promises that since Aziraphale will be able to appoint whomever he likes, he will be able to restore Crowley as an angel.

Aziraphale is thrilled at the idea, having always believed that Crowley’s good deeds over the millennia meant that he should be on Heaven’s side. He rushes back to the bookshop where an agitated Crowley wants to tell him something.

Aziraphale cuts him off to speak first and delightedly tells him about the Metatron’s offer. He is taken aback when Crowley reacted first with disdain and then with horror when he realized Aziraphale had accepted the deal. Aziraphale explains that he hopes if he is in charge of Heaven he will be able to make things better.

He watches as Crowley agitatedly paces around before finally telling Aziraphale what he’d wanted to say. Aziraphale is stunned when Crowley reveals that he is in love with Aziraphale and points to Gabriel and Beelzebub’s example asking the angel to run away with him too.

Aziraphale begs Crowley to work with him in Heaven. When Crowley says that Aziraphale can't leave his bookshop, the angel replied with “Nothing lasts forever”. A heartbroken Crowley then begins to leave the shop. Aziraphale begs him to join him, saying they can be together and that Crowley doesn't understand the offer. Crowley replies that he understands and might understand even better than Aziraphale does. He tells him to listen and Aziraphale irritably says that he doesn't hear anything. Crowley explains that was the point - no nightingales. He calls Aziraphale an idiot and says they could have just been an “us”.

An upset Aziraphale looks away and is then kissed by Crowley. When they break away, he is distressed and finally blurts out “I forgive you”. Crowley tells him not to bother and leaves the shop.

As Aziraphale processes what had just happened, the Metatron arrives to ask how Crowley had taken the news. Aziraphale tells him ‘not well’ as the Metatron grumbles that Crowley did always want to do his own thing and asked too many questions. The Metatron explains that Muriel will look after the shop in his absence and Aziraphale says there was nothing he needs to take with him and follows the Metatron outside.

The Metatron briefly explains that Heaven is working on a new project they need someone like Aziraphale to lead. When Aziraphale asks what it was, the Metatron doesn't reveal the details but ominously said it is called “The Second Coming”. Aziraphale briefly hesitates following him and glances over to Crowley, who is leaning on his Bentley, waiting for Aziraphale.

However, the elevator to Heaven ding and Aziraphale returns to Heaven with the Metatron leaving earth (and Crowley) behind.

Aziraphale's Sword

Aziraphale with his sword

The flaming sword was Aziraphale's divine weapon with which he was supposed to defend the Eastern Gate of Eden.

6,000 years ago, Adam and Eve inhabit the Garden of Eden. Cast out of the Garden by God for disobeying, Adam and Eve go out into the desert that surrounds the Garden. Concerned that Eve is already pregnant, that there are wild animals out there, and that the nights in the desert would be cold, the Principality Aziraphale of the Eastern Gate gave away his flaming sword to the couple, in hopes that it would help protect them from wild animals and keep them warm in the cold desert nights.

The sword later turned up in the run-up to the Apocalypse, the signal to War that the End Times were nigh.

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Aziraphale is generally very bubbly and cheerful and keen to do the right thing. He can become a bit anxious if he has to do something that isn’t 100% good such, as lying. He also tried to wave responsibility for certain tasks over to Crowley since he is meant to be the “nice one” out of the two of them. He fretted slightly about giving away his flaming sword to Adam when he and Eve were banished from Eden.

He has a fondness for human food which is considered weird by other angels since they don’t have the need to eat anything. He is also very protective of his books using his bookshop as a means to store them rather than actually selling any.

He has a soft spot for Crowley - his best friend and life partner. The two have been friends for around 6000 years although Aziraphale sometimes denies it. Although it’s clear that he seems to want to join Crowley in a more separate way from Heaven, he has a strong attachment that causes him to reject Crowley’s invitation to run away with him - twice.

Aziraphale also has difficulty recognizing gray morality compared to Crowley. He automatically assumes that Heaven are the good guys and Hell are the bad guys, often using this to try to justify some of Heaven’s more unpleasant actions. In the Victorian era, he was initially unable to see how Elspeth’s moral choices to survive in poverty were different to someone in a rich situation. Later he was able to see some of the gray morality in the situation. However, he still struggled to recognize Heaven’s actions as bad, unwilling to see them as “toxic” as Crowley stated, and eventually rejoined them.


"Get thee behind me, foul fiend....After you." - "In the Beginning"
"You know, Crowley, I've always said, you really are a nice-" - "The Book"
"You can't kill me! There'll be paperwork!" - "Hard Times"
"Oh...fuck." - "Saturday Morning Funtime"
"Not just a Southern pansy...THE Southern Pansy." - "The Doomsday Option"
"Although, I believe that none of this was possible if you weren't-at least a tiny bit, of a good person." - "The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives"
"Perhaps you could tell me... while we dance." - To Crowley, "The Ball"
"Oh, Crowley. Nothing lasts forever." - "Every Day"
"I forgive you." - "Every Day"


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Notes and trivia

  • He doesn't like people buying his books, and has a load of weird methods to chase away customers.
  • He enjoys tartan patterns.
  • He's described as fussy.
  • As stated in the novel and by Neil Gaiman on Tumblr, Angels and Demons have no inherent gender or sex, however they can choose a gender if they so please. Although it's never explicitly stated that Aziraphale identifies as a man, he consistently presents himself as a male and uses He/Him pronouns. According to Neil Gaiman, what pronouns you use for all Angels and Demons is up to you.
  • Aziraphale is in love with Crowley. Neil Gaiman has stated that he wrote the relationship between the two as a love story in the show, though they were not intended as a love story in the book.[1] This is also supported by both Michael Sheen and David Tennant, stated in many, many interviews.
  • Agnes Nutter’s book of prophecies refers to his angel rank as Principality. This rank is meant to guide and protect people and nations. It's also the third lowest order, and given the additional information in season 2, it means that Crowley technically outranks him.