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Beelzebub is a character in Amazon series Good Omens and the leader of the forces of Hell and the archangel Gabriel's equivalent.

Significance in series[]

"In the Beginning"[]

When Crowley goes down to Hell to give an update on Warlock Dowling, the supposed Antichrist, Beelzebub asks if Crowley has encountered any problems from "the Opposition", but Crowley reassures that they don't suspect a thing.

"The Doomsday Option"[]

Crowley gives Beelzebub his presentation on changing the M25's shape into the sigil Odegra, which means "Hail the great beast, devourer of worlds" in the Dark Priesthood of Ancient Mu.

"The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives"[]

Beelzebub serves as the judge at Crowley's trial, which ultimately ends with Crowley's (failed) execution. Later, Beelzebub stands beside Dagon as they rally the demons to fight against the army of angels. Beelzebub interrupts Dagon's rally because Beelzebub can sense that something is wrong.

Beelzebub then rises from Hell (as Gabriel descends from Heaven) to try to convince Adam Young, the actual Antichrist, to end the world and start the war between Heaven and Hell by telling him when the war is over he will rule the world. When Adam says he will not start the war, Beelzebub is startled and says they must go back down to Hell to seek further advice. Along with Gabriel, Beelzebub vanishes. Later, Beelzebub is present at Crowley's trial. 


Beelzebub is seen to be rather cold and calm, and is always frowning. The only time in which Beelzebub is seen smiling is when they are trying to appeal to Adam to start the war, telling him that once the war is concluded, he will get to rule the world. Beelzebub is rather serious about the war between Heaven and Hell, becoming rather frustrated when Adam won't start the war and end the world.


Notes and trivia[]

  • Although Beelzebub is played by a woman, no pronouns are used in the series. Neil Gaiman joked that Beelzebub would use the pronoun "Zzzzzzir"[1]
  • Beelzebub is known as the "Lord of the Flies." In Good Omens, flies are often seen buzzing about zir face.