Gabriel is one of the main characters in Amazon series Good Omens. He is Aziraphale's boss, the archangel in charge of the forces of Heaven.

Background Edit

It is Gabriel's job to make sure that Armageddon starts on time. He's handsome, a snappy dresser — and utterly certain that he's right ... about everything.

Significance in Series Edit

"In the Beginning" Edit

Gabriel is disturbed that Aziraphale is eating human food (sushi) telling him stiffly that he "does not sully the temple of [his] celestial body with gross matter". He does admit Aziraphale that he "[likes] the clothes", then explains that sadly neither clothes nor food will be around for long, implying that the Apocalypse is soon to begin. He also says that "the demon Crowley may be involved" asking Aziraphale to keep an eye on him.

"The Book" Edit

Gabriel visits Aziraphale's bookshop with another angel, Sandalphon, to tell him what happens next for the End of the World. He pretends to buy a pornography book, even though he isn't sure what a book is, calling them "material objects" until Sandalphon explains. In a more secretive part of the store, he tells Aziraphale that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will come together in a few days.

"Saturday Morning Funtime" Edit

Gabriel goes out for a jog and Aziraphale catches up to him, trying to convince him that Heaven and Hell don't need a war.

"The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives" Edit

Gabriel appears with Beelzebub and tries to force Adam, the Anti-Christ, to re-start the end of the world so the war can start again. After shouting at him and Aziraphale and Crowley, he disappears shortly before Satan appears, enraged.

Later on, he waits in Heaven while Aziraphale and Crowley are being kidnapped in St. James Park. A lesser demon lights a burning inferno to incinerate the supposed angel traitor. Annoyed by the attempts of solving the problem peacefully, Gabriel tells the captive to "Shut [his] stupid mouth and die already".

Personality Edit

Gabriel is usually quite calm and well mannered to his coworkers, however his true colours are present when under stress or when not receiving utter compliance from his underlings. Gabriel is rude, self-righteous and very judgmental, also impatient and quick to anger as seen in the execution scene of "The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives".

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  • Gabriel is an archangel in Jewish, Islamic, and Christian writings
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