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Michael is an archangel in Amazon series Good Omens.


There is nothing really known about the Archangel's past in Good Omens.


Michael is cold as evidenced by their attitude towards Aziraphale. They are also manipulative, as shown during their phone call with Ligur.

When Aziraphale wanted to convince Uriel, Sandalphon and Michael that they don't need to have a war, Michael listened but stayed on heavens side


"It's about our man Aziraphale. Is there any possibility he is working for you?"
"Of course you can trust me, I’m an angel."
"Aziraphale. It's time to choose sides"
"I'll be back to collect it." (Talking about the holy water)

Notes and trivia[]

  • Michael is an archangel in Jewish, Islamic, and Christian writings
  • Even though they present as female, it is not said that they identify as a woman (angels and demons are agender)
  • In the script book, the Archangel uses he/him pronouns