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"Nanny says living things are only fit to be ground under my heels, Brother Francis."

"The gardener says I must be kind and nice to everybody, even Sister Slug, and not ever destroy the world."

Warlock Dowling is a human that is mistaken to be the Antichrist by Aziraphale and Crowley. In actuality, he is the misplaced son of Deirdre and Arthur Young thanks to a mix-up by the Chattering Nuns of St Beryl's and Crowley.


Unknowingly adopted by Harriet and Thaddeus Dowling, Warlock was raised in an Winfield House the official residence of the United States Ambassador. Harriet and Thaddeus had originally planned for him to be name him Thaddeus, but Harriet changed it to Warlock, after it was suggested by the Nuns, to spite her husband who was working instead of at her side. Warlock was emotionally neglected by his parents, his father who is constantly working, and his mother who takes care of the family's image instead of Warlock. He's only shown to be in the company of both parents, when the attention of the media is on them.

Crowley, disguised as Nanny Ashtoreth, often sang dark lullabies to lull Warlock to sleep when he was younger. Nanny Ashtoreth, Crowley, worked to preparing Warlock to take over the world, and to "crush his enemies beneath his heel," while Brother Francis, Aziraphale, worked to guide Warlock to the side of light. An attempt that seemed to cancel the other out. As Warlock ended up a normal grumpy teenager.

Significance in series[]

"In the Beginning"[]

At the age of five, Crowley disguised as Nanny Ashtoreth and Aziraphale disguised as Brother Francis to influence him to be normal and avert the imminent apocalypse. On Warlock's eleventh birthday it was revealed that he wasn't the Antichrist when the Hellhound never appeared.

"Saturday Morning Funtime"[]

Warlock arrived in the “The plains of Maggido” with his parents. Where he meets Hastur who was expecting him to start the apocalypse. However, after Hastur realizes that Warlock does not have the hellhound with him and receiving the response of “You smell like poo” from Warlock when asked if he heard voices. Hastur realized that Crowley has fooled him into thinking the wrong child was the antichrist.


Despite being heavily influenced by two beings who attempted to sway him to do evil or good, Warlock ends up being relatively normal. Warlock doesn't flinch at the sight of Hastur, instead appears rather bored at the sight of the demon.

He is said to be good at math by his tutors, enjoys baseball, stamp collecting, banana flavored bubblegum, comics, cartoons, and his B.M.X bike.


"The voices in my head. They all say... You smell like poo." - Warlock to Hastur in "Saturday Morning Funtime"

Notes and trivia[]

  • In the book, the Dowling’s biological son is adopted by a family that lives in Tadfield and is known as “Greasey Johnson” by “The Them”. However, in the tv show it is simple said, “It would be nice to think that the real son of Harriet and Thaddeus Dowling was discreetly adopted and grew up to breed tropical fish” by the Voice of God.
  • Also in the book Warlock may have had a fear of dogs based on the fact that he is afraid of Nanny Ashtoreth’s dog Rover.
  • Within the tv show it is unknown what happens to Warlock after his trip to Meggido, but in the book it says he and his mother are sent to America.