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Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell is one of the main characters in Amazon series Good Omens. He is the last remaining Sergeant of the Witchfinder Army. In fact, he's the last remaining anything of the Witchfinder Army.


Shadwell is the last member of the Witchfinder Army, though he maintains that there are other members such as Sergeant Milk Bottle, because his imagination had run out by that point when he was making up names. He lives in an apartment block with Madame Tracy, who he refers to as Jezebel. He stays very distant from her though she still makes him dinner.

Significance in series[]

He meets Newton Pulsifer and recruits him as a Private in the Witchfinder Army. Later both Crowley and Aziraphale contact him to find the Antichrist and Shadwell sends Newton to Tadfield. Shadwell decides to ask Aziraphale for traveling money after believing Newton is being tortured in Tadfield. He storms over to Aziraphale's bookshop and watches him contact Metatron - which he mistakes for witchcraft. Shadwell threatens Aziraphale, managing to knock him into an incomplete transportation sigil and disincorporating the angel. Shadwell mistakes this for his doing and flees the shop, knocking over a candle and starting a fire.

Back at his apartment, Madame Tracy lets him lie down in her room and rest. Shadwell wakes up to overhear Madame Tracy talking to Aziraphale who is now sharing her body and the three head to Tadfield Airfield. Shadwell threatens the soldier with his finger before they are interrupted by Crowley arriving in his burning Bentley. Shadwell again threatens the soldier after he pulls a gun on them and, when Aziraphale banishes him, once again assumes it is the power of his finger that caused it. He witnesses the deaths of the Horsemen and Satan's rising defending Madame Tracy.

Afterwards, Madame Tracy invites him to have dinner with her in her "den of inequity" as Shadwell puts it and the two decide to move into a bungalow together.


Shadwell is very blunt, and described as being a fool in Agnes Nutter's prophecy. However, he is very devoted to the Witchfinder Army, offering to recruit Newton Pulsifier after quickly checking how many nipples he has.


“How many nipples have you got?”

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